Products to Help Beard Growth

If you’re like me, you need a little help growing a full, thick beard.

When my beard first starts growing and breaking through the skin, it feels extremely itchy. To keep the itchiness at bay while new facial hairs grow in, I use Beard and Company’s cooling beard shampoo. The addition of tea tree oil not only makes my face feel cool and tingly when I shampoo my beard, but it also exfoliates my skin of dirt and oil build-up.

After shampooing my beard and following up with a hydrating beard conditioner, I use Beard and Company’s Extra Strength Beard Growth Serum, an all-natural beard oil that’s formulated to promote beard growth while adding moisture back into your beard.

Beard balm is an excellent tool for filling in patchy areas that grow slower than the rest of your beard, such as patchy cheeks. Beard and Company’s Beard Growth Balm not only gives your beard a fuller appearance, but it contains all-natural ingredients formulated to help stimulate beard growth.

Beard and Company's complete Beard and Mustache Growth Kit includes Beard Growth Serum, Beard Growth Spray, Beard Growth Balm, Mustache Growth Serum, and a folding Kent Comb.