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Welcome. Beard and Company is a beard care company that focuses on promoting healthy beard care through all-natural ingredients and healthy living.

I'm Dave and along with my wife Kristy, founded Beard and Company back in late 2014. While I'm from New England and Kristy's from the South, we're currently residing in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The Products

We believe in using all-natural ingredients whenever possible and source all of our materials from vendors here in the USA.

The Journey Here

For a few years, I found myself working mostly second and third shifts as a phlebotomist in an emergency room while Kristy worked a standard 9-5 job at a tech start-up. We saw each other for about half an hour each day when Kristy would drive home for lunch while I was getting ready to leave for work. My schedules were always unpredictable so it was impossible for us to ever plan time together.

We decided it was time to make a change and go into business for ourselves. So we combined our love of health, science, and beard care and crafted our own all-natural beard care products with the best blends of essential oils and vitamins.

About Dave

Bearded since high school, Dave is the product creator, beard adviser, Instagram curator, customer service guru, and photographer of Beard and Company. He spends his free time on Steam (@ComplexCarbs), drinking smoothies, and eating coconut bacon BLTs.

About Kristy

Kristy handles all things technical, branding, design, and content creation. She loves being out in nature, hiking, American Ninja Warrior, and perfecting her NY style pizza dough.

Causes We Support

American Humane Society

National Audubon Society


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