What is beard strength balm?

The best beard balm to hold your style and.

Beard and Company’s beard strength balm is formulated to make your beard strong and protect it from everyday damage.


✔ Replenishes moisture in dry beards

✔ Strengthens beards with omega fatty acids

✔ Protects beards from split ends

Available in two sizes: 30 ml (1 ounce) and 60 ml (2 ounces)

How to use beard balm:

1. Take a small pea-sized amount and massage into hands.

2. Apply to damp or dry beard until fully distributed.

What’s in our beard balm:

Geranium oil: promotes cell growth by removing old dead cells and generating new cells

White beeswax: seals in moisture; naturally stimulates hair growth

Shea butter: contains inflammatory properties and is rich in vitamins, fat, and moisture. It’s ideal for beard growth due to its ability to heal scalp and skin issues.

Jojoba oil: nourishes the follicles of your hair and makes your beard stronger and healthier

Argan oil: repairs beard split ends and increases overall beard health due to its beneficial nutrients

Almond oil: moisturizes and strengthens your beard with magnesium

Hemp seed oil: contains omega fatty acids and protein which stimulates beard growth

Vitamin E: an antioxidant that improves circulation to the scalp

What’s NOT in our beard balm:

- Synthetic fragrances

- Chemical fillers

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