Now that your beard is taken care of (or you don't have one), our all-natural beard and mustache wax is here for all your 'stach styling needs. Made with nourishing ingredients combined with our highest quality beeswax, you'll inject health and moisture while providing a killer hold. If you're looking for a particular style, or you just need to train it to get it growing in a certain direction, look no further. This is the wax of waxes

Suitable for all mustache types and styles, this wax can tame the most gnar of 'staches. Similar to our pomade blend, we have a different ratio specifically for your mustache in mind. Tested, tested and then tested again. 

Scent: Sweet bergamot and fresh lavender. Not overpowering at all. 

All natural shea butter, almond oil*, 100% pure white beeswax, vitamin e and essential oils

Take a small BB-sized (more or less depending on how much hair) amount and massage into fingertips. Apply to musache (usually tips but depending on style). Best used while hair is patted dry but not wet. 

$10 (15 ml) 1/2 oz metal screw top tin
$18 (30ml) 1 oz metal screw top tin 


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