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What's included:

-Beard lotion (30ml)
-Organic clarifying beard shampoo (120ml)
-Hydrating beard conditioner (120ml)
-Mustache wax (15ml)
-Growth serum (30ml)
-Growth balm (30ml)
-Repair serum (30ml)
-Repair balm (30ml)
-Strength serum (30ml)
-Strength balm (30ml)
-Frontier scent roll-on cologne (10ml)
-Hi-Hold Pomade (30ml)
-Beard Growth Spray (60ml)
-Mustache Growth Roll-On (10ml)

Shampoo & Conditioner - 2-3x a week or more. The best secret to a healthy beard is prevention. Keep it soft, healthy and strong from the inside at all times. Use this as your main treatment in the shower. Our shampoo is now organic! Invigorating and refreshing suds shampoo with a clarifying kick! Scrub away those impurities and build-up with high-octane peppermint and tea tree. Moisturizing and hydrating conditioning for your awesome, freshly-washed peppermint scented hair. Keep that hair healthy. This conditioner is specially formulated for beards. Argan oil combined with peppermint and tea tree is one of the best conditioning treatments you can do for any hair. 

Mustache wax - when the going is REALLY tough.
Now that your beard is taken care of (or you don't have one), our all-natural mustache wax is here for all your 'stach styling needs. Made with nourishing ingredients combined with our highest quality beeswax, you'll inject health and moisture while providing akiller hold. If you're looking for a particular style, or you just need to train it to get it growing in a certain direction, look no further. This is the wax of waxes. Not overpowering at all. 

Growth/Strength/Repair serums and balms
Our all-natural hair serums and balms are made with only the highest quality oils, butters and waxes. Since all hair is not created equal, we created three uniquely amazing formulas to cover all your hair issues, problems, quandaries, questions and concerns. Tea tree, lavender, thyme, rosemary, geranium oils.

Hi-Hold pomade - Made with all-natural white beeswax and pure shea butter, our HI-HOLD POMADE is a great styling hair product while also providing conditioning properties for all day style and shape. This is a fantastic all-natural styling pomade that also tells even the most stubborn strands of hair who is boss. Best for medium to long hair. This pomade keeps down those stray follicles while keeping them healthy, long and strong. With 100% pure all natural ingredients, this pomade is paraben and chemical free. 

Beard lotion - Our beard lotion is a great way to get your skin and hair super healthy and moisturized without feeling greasy. This is formulated to keep your hair strong while also helping that under-beard itch caused by dry or flaky skin. 

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